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04 Apple Turnovers

Part A (Night before Dec. 17th) | Action | In Applejack's mind

[Applejack finds herself in a ruined Mayfield, unsure what is going on. She thought with the passing of that giving thanks holiday of the hue-mins things were normal again. Well, normal for this town anyway.

Nervously looking around, Applejack sees the last pony she expected here, her eyes opening wide in surprise.]

Big Macintosh! Is that you?!


[Applejack runs over and gives the older sibling a hug before launching into a barrage of questions.]

What are you doing here? Have you noticed Ah've been gone? Are you, Applebloom, and Granny Smith alright? What about the farm?

[Macintosh just looks at Applejack with his usually calm expression. Eventually she notices the lack of reply before she quirks an eyebrow.]

Wait a minute... Let me guess, Ah'm dreaming, aren't Ah?


Fair enough. So Ah take it you're here to show me something? It have something to do with why the town looks like this?

[Big Macintosh gives a nod before simply gesturing to the ruins around them with a hoof.]

Eeyup. This here's the future, AJ. Trouble's coming.

[The surroundings then change, Applejack and Macintosh are now back home at Sweet Apple Acres, but the trees are bare, the buildings falling apart or outright destroyed. Mac starts walking toward Ponyville, only glancing back once to make sure Applejack is following.]

Not just there, but at home, too. A storm's a brewin' and you're at the center of it.

[They make it to town, which is in worse shape than the farm. Ponies look hungry and starving among the ruins.]

You mean this is all mah fault? But there's gotta be something Ah can do!


[Things change once more, the two ponies are back at Sweet Apple Acres, the trees are positively glowing with large and healthy apples. Nearby a group of ponies are happily working together. There's Macintosh, Applebloom, Granny Smith, and...]

Ma?! Pa?! What's going on? How's this possible? Where am Ah?

You weren't born, AJ. Easiest way to save everypony and things to be like this.

Then...for all save mah friends... Ah have to agree not to exist?


...Because some terrible disaster is going to happen which is mah fault that is best avoided if Ah wasn't around?


So, what you're saying is something is about to happen that Ah can't handle, and is just best that Ah give up on it and existing, leaving it to everypony else to handle it?


[Mac cuts himself short, just realizing Applejack's tone. He looks over to see her angrily eyeing him. Oh crap.]

...Er, nope?

[Too late, Mac. Applejack is in your face, and she's fuming.]

Now listen here, pardner, you almost had me, but giving up is just not something Ah'm about to do. Maybe Ah can't handle what's about to come by mahself, but that's what friends are for, and Ah know whatever comes our way, we can get through it together. So you can take your hokey lies and tricks and just get out of here, because Ah'm not going anywhere.

[The dream starts to fade away, leaving Applejack and Mac left.]

And Ah don't know who you are, but you better not try to pull this trick on mah friends. Because if you do, you better believe Ah'll come find you and give you a buckin' you will never forget!

[And with that, the dreams gone and Applejack wakes up in her house, with a start.]

Part B (Morning of the 17th) | Phone | 337 Brady Lane

Listen everypo-er body. Ah had a pretty strange dream last night, and Ah have a feeling Ah wasn't the only one.

Whatever it was, whatever you saw, don't believe a lick of it. Nothing is worth giving up your life over, especially when it was probably showing tricks and lies to ya. If this town wants to get rid of us, then it can just send us home, none of this 'things would be better if you didn't exist' stuff is necessary unless someone's just trying to mess with us.

So Ah guess what Ah'm trying to say is hang in there, alright?

Part C (forwarded dated to Friday, Dec. 23rd) | Action | 337 Brady Lane

[Well, if things have been off the last few days for 337 Brady Lane, they're just about to get weirder. For starters, Applejack is sleeping in, nor making breakfast for the housemates. While this might not raise any suspicions, after all Kira sometimes offer to make the morning meal instead, what Applejack does upon waking up should.

Once up, Applejack makes her way to the bathroom and then precedes to occupy it for the next four hours. If any of the housemates knock on the door asking to use it, or if something is wrong, you'll hear her reply in crisp, unaccented English that she's perfectly fine or will only be a few more minutes as she tries to just do something with her mane.

Eventually Applejack will leave the bathroom sparkling clean with her mane done up in an elegant style. She'll then stroll off to her job at the bakery with a poise and gracefulness that is completely the opposite of her usual casual and straightforward gait she uses.]

Part D (forwarded dated to Friday, Dec. 23rd) | Action | Around town

[Applejack is out and about, running some errands. At least, it sort of looks like Applejack. But she's not wearing her hat. In fact, she's wearing a somewhat stylish winter fur stole and her mane in a completely different way then normal. As well as makeup, for those who take a closer look. As she walks by, you can hear her speak up...]

Oh, pardon me there, sir. My apologies, I didn't see you there.

D, Edgar is deleted, fyi

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[Whoops. Edgar ought to watch where he's going more often, but he's been lost in thought about this whole "removing and replacing" thing.

Well, talking ponies. That's a new o- oh wait, no it isn't. Edgar remembers now, he's met a talking pony before, in Mayfield.

... in fact, wasn't it this one? It's hard to tell.]

... no worries...

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[Oh dear, and even though under normal circumstances Applejack would remember him, this sure isn't normal for either of them, is it? Then again judging the sudden look on her face and her giving you a bit more space, she recognizes Edgar alright. At least as one of those evil fakes running around now.]

Ah, yes! Thank you! Terribly sorry about that... I'll just be on my way then...

[Oh dear, it looks like Applejack is just shy of being scared out of her wits.]


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[Rarity's been moping around all week. As if being called a fake wasn't bad enough, now her friends have started to forget her entirely. But a dolled up Applejack is something she definitely can't ignore.]

...Applejack? Is that you under there?

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[Hearing her name, Applejack turns to see who's addressing her, only to see a unicorn pony approaching.]

Yes? I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage. You seem to know me, but I don't recognize you. Have we met?

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[Sigh. Well, she knew this was how this was going to be.]

Ah... only once, in passing, I think. In Ponyville, perhaps?

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I do not think I am a "sir."

[It seems that aside from talking rabbits, Mayfield also has talking horses.]

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Oh, I'm terribly sorry miss. I just wasn't fully paying attention at all. Why don't I make it up to you with a pastry? Just stop by the bakery sometime and ask for Applejack, and I promise you a treat you won't soon forget.

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It is alright.

[She hesitates a little when she hears the horse's offer.]

A horse works at the bakery?

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Well, if you say so dear, but do feel free to stop by sometime if you would like a pastry.

And technically I'm a pony, but yes, I do work there. They were nice enough to hire me considering how most of the town treats me like some kind of canine.

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I see...what sort of work do you do for them?

[For one thing, it might be a little hard for the horse to cook something without the use of opposable thumbs.]

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Well, I mostly help out where ever I can, but I also make some of the most delicious pastries, if I do say so myself. It's not very hard to change up the recipes I used back home in Manehattan to appeal to a non-pony palate after all.

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I suppose I will have to go try some of your pastries then.

[She wonders how many of the pastries she has at home was actually made by the horse.]
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[Heinz hadn't been going to work for the first part of the month... or at least, hadn't been going to work voluntarily. Every few days, his droned self would show up, chattering blandly without a hint of his Germanesque accent... then he'd go away again for a while.

But it's the real Doofenshmirtz in attendance today, seeming... reasonably happy to be back to work. Preparing cookies was a welcome distraction from the past. And from something that he was sure he was forgetting....

He lifts his head when he hears the door open and hears familiar hoofprints on the bakery tiles.]

Eh? Applejack?

[And then he gets a good look at her.] ...Applejack?!

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[Well this is a nice change. An undroned Dofenshmirtz means she can come into work without being chased out as a dog.]

Morning, Heinz dear. Nice to see you in your right mind this morning. How are things today? I hope everything has been going better lately.
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Er... yes. I have... gotten myself all sorted out.

[He leans in closer, to get a better look.] You... seem different today, Applejack.

Is it the mane? I think it is the mane.

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[She didn't look THAT boyish did she? But Ako isn't too surprised at a talking fancy dressed pony.]

It's all right, and it's miss not sir.

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[Mesousa is rubbing his head where he bumped into Applejack]

I'm sorry Ms. Pony, it was probably all my fault.