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Application for [community profile] melodiesoflife

Name: Jordan
Age: 34
Personal Journal: [personal profile] akailv
Contact: AIM: akailv
Plurk: [ profile] dori_mingu
Email: akailv [at] gmail [dot] com
Other In-Game Characters: None

Character (Original Universe)
Name: Applejack
Age: ~mid 20s, 25
Gender: Female
Canon: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Canon Point: End of 5th Season
History: Faithful and strong!
Personality: Honest, reliable, and hard-working. That's Applejack in a nutshell and she doesn't really mind it all.

She's believes in honesty and fairness, almost to a fault as she can be pretty blunt or when she needs to keep a secret (she doesn't have much of a poker face). Because of this though, she is very straightforward and trustworthy, even able to convince Twilight when she was hanging from a cliff that all she had to do was let go and she'd be safe. On the other hoof, she expects that same sort of honesty and fairness from others, and can get pretty ill-tempered when others cheat, like how upset she got at Rainbow Dash during the Iron Pony competition.

She's very hard-working, caring for her family's farm and orchard with only some help from her brother as well as running the business of selling the apples. She does this all so as to provide for her family who she deeply cares about. She's very protective of her younger sister Apple Bloom, and likes to keep an eye on her, knowing how much she can get into trouble. While this may at times leave Apple Bloom feeling overprotected, it does show how caring Applejack is, to the point that even when AJ was shrunk down to the size of a mouse, she still chased after Apple Bloom to "rescue" her.

She is glad people consider her reliable, and is always ready to lend a hoof if she can to her friends, families, and others. But again, she might take this too far and bite off more than she can chew, as shown in one episode where she tries to harvest all the apples in her orchard herself while still helping her friends with small tasks at the same time. This in a way shows the other side of her personality, her pride and stubbornness. She was working herself to death, exhausted, and falling asleep standing up, and yet she still wouldn't accept help until the very end. This isn't the only time her pride and stubbornness have caused trouble though, as when she was trying to negotiate between the Buffalo and Settler ponies of Appleloosa, she escalated the tension because she felt they were "right."

All in all, Applejack is a strong, honest friend who's toughest critic might be herself. She's confident in her abilities and proud of the way she does things. And while at times these beliefs might cause her trouble, she is always first to realize her mistakes and apologize or make amends for it. As such, this gives her a more mature, older sister personality to other ponies, which she is happy to be.
Third-Person Sample: The recent event is an okay example, yes?
Mognet Sample: She even sent a letter!

Moogle Name: Pear
Moogle Gender: Female
First Job: Paladin
Second Job: Monk
Limit Break: