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01 Apple Pie

[Dawn has passed on Brady Lane, but only by an hour or so when sunlight has reached the newly appeared doghouse in 337's backyard. The doghouse contains an orange colored pony with a yellow mane, quietly snoring, as if unaware what awaits her when she wakes up. Which is actually the minute the sunlight hits her face. She's use to getting up when the rooster crows, after all. Of course when she finishes yawning and rubbing her eyes with her hooves, she's a little shock to see the unfamiliar surroundings.]

What in tarnation? I don't remember falling asleep in the barn last night... Wait, this isn't mah barn. Where in Equestria is this?

[Applejack steps out of the doghouse and looks around to see a strange and unfamiliar landscape around her. She's looking over everything, which isn't actually much what with the backyard fence blocking her view.]

Well, it's definitely not Ponyville... Or any place Ah've seen before. What's with the door there? Doesn't look like it's made for a pony.

[She's referring to the back door of the house of course, and she makes her way to it when she suddenly is jerked to a stop by the rope that has her tied to the dog house.]

Erk! Now who did this? Is this some prank of Dash's and Pinkie Pie's? Hmph, Ah'll be sure to give them a piece of mah mind if it is.

[She walks over to the doghouse and uses her teeth to untie herself from it. She can't really get to the part looped around her neck at the moment, but she'll worry about that later. Now is the time to get some answers. Which is why she walks up to the door with a determined look and knocks on it loudly with her hoof.]


[She pauses and seems to glance up, as if noticing something for the first time before knocking again.]


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[Trotting by, watching Applejack yell at the house.]

Don't bother, Applejack. It isn't their fault.

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[Applejack stops with the knocking and turns to her friend.]

They aren't? Well, do you know who can at least explain what in the hay is going on? Or at least how to get back home? I hate to think how Big Macintosh is going to handle the farm with only Apple Bloom around to help...

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I'm afraid I don't know. All I can think of is that there must be some sort of reason for bringing us here.

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A reason? Without any warning or heads up? That sounds more like ponynapping if you ask me.

[Applejack looks around at the surrounding again.]

Though this seems to be a pretty normal suburb even if the houses seem a bit strange...

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[Hey Applejack? Ever get pounced on by a pony before? Because that's what's happening. Rainbow Dash just kind of leaps over the fence and goes for a tackle hug because she's missed you guys so much.]

APPLEJACK! You're really here!

[And boy does she look relieved and excited.]

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[Applejack is a little surprised by the sudden tackle, but once she hears who's talking and sees Dash, she's relieved and happy to see her friend as well.]

Well hello to you too, Dash! But where exactly is 'here'? This sure as hay doesn't look like anyplace Ah've ever been to.

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This is Mayfield, it's dumb and you can't leave. At least it's not that easy to leave.

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Can't leave? How come? Ah thought it was weird something or somepony brought us here, but Ah don't see how exactly they could keep us here. Especially you, Dash.

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[Peering over the fence is a pale faced blue haired girl]

"....Do you want some help getting that rope off?"

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[Applejack turns to the person offering to lend a hoof.]

Oh thank you kindly, Ah'm not sure who did this, but Ah can't reach my own neck with mah teeth after-

[Applejack actually stops mid sentence because when she finally gets a look at who was speaking, she is quite surprised to see they are some.....creature she's never seen before. Applejack gives a shake of her head, quickly recovering and realizing she hasn't said anything for a bit. She gives a sheepish look as she speaks up again.]

Er, sorry. It's just Ah've never seen anything like you before, but if you can get this rope off, I'd be mighty grateful.

[Applejack is a little nervous, but they offered to help, so they can't be bad, right?]

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[She speaks in a quiet deadpan and moves slowly and non threateningly towards Applejack as she unties the rope around her neck]

"I'm a human. Ruri. Hoshino Ruri. Its nice to meet you."

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[Well, she sure seems nice alright...]

A hue-min? Ah don't think Ah've heard of such a thing before. Not in Ponyville at least.

But many thanks for getting that rope off of me. My name's Applejack, and it's pleasure to meet you as well!

[And Applejack offers a hoof to give a shake hello.]

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[There is a tiny horse in that backyard. And it's talking. Isn't that something.]

Need a hand?

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[Applejack turns to address the person speaking.]

Ah'm sorry, what was that you sa- Whoa Nellie! What in the hay are you suppose to be?!

[Applejack is quite surprised by the...thing before her. It's standing on two legs, and has barely any hair at all. Just what in Equestria is it?]

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I'm a kid? You've seriously never seen a human being before? Well, okay, I've never seen a talking horse before, so fair point.

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Well, Ah'm a talking pony actually, but considering the only kids Ah've seen before belong to goats, Ah don't think it's a point to really worry about right now...

So hue-mins have kids too? Wait, does that mean your a young'un?

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(Just going to stare because talking horse that has the same accent as the Engineer and what.)

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[Applejack stops pounding on the door for a bit, waiting for an answer from the occupants inside. But the longer she waits, the more she gets this really odd feeling... Is someone watching her? She starts glancing around.]

Hello? Is somepony there?

There's a replacement skin on FPSbanana too

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(Blinks and recovers. He clears his throat.)

Ah, sorry, I didn't mean to stare. It's just that horses don't talk where I come from.

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Well why in the hay not? How else is a pony suppose to explain anything if they don't talk?

[At this point Applejack looks to the speaker and pauses. Oh, so it's another one of those 'hue-min' things she's been running into lately. Does this mean ponies are the minority here? It sure is starting to seem that way, but at least she's not giving a surprised gasp or shock stare now.]

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[Theo walks up to the back door and looks out the window.

That is a talking horse.

Another talking horse.

Sup, Applejack. There is a young red-headed human giving you a confused look.]

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[Applejack sees the confused individual from the other side of the door and gives pause, not only because she is still getting used to seeing humans instead of ponies, but also because she wasn't expecting the person in the house to be as confused as she was currently. Still, she needed some answers and gosh darn it she was going to get them! So she quickly recovers and gets back to looking mad as she shouts at them.]

We need to have ourselves a talk, pardner! Were you the one that tied me to that little house back there? Or brought me here in the first place?

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[He opens the door, frowning slightly.]

I didn't do shit. People get kidnapped and brought to this town all the time. Everyone here's been kidnapped, same as you.


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[Wait, he's a victim too? Well that puts a damper on her theory that the house owners had something to do with her being here...]

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[...But then, he's in a nice house and seems to know more about this place than she does, so now is not the time to back down. Now is the time to get to the bottom of things!]

Alright then, so you're not the one who ponynapped me. But you seem to know what's going on in this here town, don't ya? And there's no way Ah'm just going to sit here without getting some answers!

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