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02 Apple Fritters | Stage 4? | Backdated to 2 or 3 days after the event started

[With all the supposed fear and panic that the town has tried to recently instill on the residents, such matters actually don't affect a new arrival. Especially one who doesn't watch TV or recieve mail yet. Which is why you'll find someone trotting down the street.

Yes, trotting.

Applejack has decided that if she's stuck here, she might as well be neighborly and introduce herself. So she borrowed her house's kitchen and supplies to make a couple of homemade apple pies. Using years of practice, she keeps them balanced on her back as she moves from house to house, knocking on each door and calling out:]

"Hello? Anypony in there? It's your new neighbor Applejack being friendly and bringing some pie for ya!"

[And no, unless you're a drone who treats her like a dog, or keep her from seeing you in there, she is not leaving until you do answer. Though once answered, she will offer you a nice slice of some delicious smelling apple pie! She'll introduce herself as well, offer to help out if you need it because you're neighbors after all, and she'll also pepper you with questions about the town as she tries to find out more information about Mayfield. She's not being subtle about the questions, but not forceful either, she is genuinely trying to get information in a way she knows how and being sincere in her offers of help and pie.]

((OOC: Applejack is literally going door to door to offer slices of pie and get some answers, as such she's pretty much breathing in massive truth gas. But this is Applejack, who's pretty honest to begin with so it really won't affect her unless she hits Stage 5. So folks who want to respond can just sit back and chat with AJ or try and figure out how to get an orange talking pony off their front porch.))
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[Stage 3]

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[Minato had been napping, relaxed from the scent in the environment. Probably why he doesn't hesitate to answer the door.]


This is...?

[He's not still dreaming, is he?]

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A neighborly offer of a slice of pie, of course!

Nice to meetcha, Ah'm Applejack. Ah'm new in town and Ah figured Ah'd come introduce myself!
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...Well, whatever.

Nice to meet you too. How did you make those? Wouldn't the hooves be a problem?

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[stage three]

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[Ema answers the door at 1492 Kramden Road. It takes her a few moments to get over the surprise that her new neighbor is not a a person but rather a pony. A pony with pies stacked on her back; Ema hypothesizes that they're homemade. Strange.

How are these ponies baking like this?]

There seem to be a lot of talking ponies lately. You wouldn't happen to know a hyperactive pink pony named Pinkie Pie, would you?

In either case, it's nice to meet you, Applejack. I'm Ema. Did you just get here?
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Howdy Miss Ema! So you've met Pinkie, have you?

[A quick grimace passes over her face as if to say "Ah'm so sorry." but she recovers her smile almost instantly.]

And yep, got here a few days ago. Not too sure what to make of this place just yet, but it seems a lot of folks are stuck here too, so Ah thought Ah'd do the neighborly thing of introducing mahself and to bring folks slices of pie while Ah did so.

[Applejack gestures to the pies she has balanced on her back with the last sentence and looks back to Ema with a big, genuine smile.]

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[ There's no need to knock on the door for this one, since Evangeline's taken to sitting down on her porch. Today, she's out there with a tall glass of lemonade, though it remains untouched.

And her expression as she sees an approaching pony is just... well, see icon.

Feel free to be neighborly with an adorable little one-armed blond girl. ]

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Well hey there lil' lady! Ah'm new here and thought Ah'd go say hello to the neighbors. Offer 'em a slice of pie if they wanted, too. Ah'm Applejack, what's your name?

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[Leaving the house to get away from all the drones again.]

Pie, really? Yum!

Wait... you're a pony.

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'Course Ah'm a pony! Ah'm also new in town, so Ah thought Ah'd come introduce mahself and see if anybody wanted a slice of pie.

Ah'm Applejack, nice to meetcha!

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[action - at home]

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[The pony is in the kitchen. Baking. What.]

Why are you baking.

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[Applejack is pulling another pie out of the oven, there's a pot holder in her mouth as she uses it to daintily set the latest pie on the counter. She sets the holder down afterwards to talk to Theo.]

'Cause Ah'm going to visit the neighbors and say hello. You might not like being neighborly but Granny Smith didn't raise this filly to be rude. You're welcome to come along if you'd like, though, who knows, you might make some friends.

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[He was going to ignore you but WOW YOU'RE A PERSISTANT PONY AREN'T YOU? So have an angry albino cracking the door open and giving you a DEATH GLARE.]

I don't want any fucking pie.

[...Holy fuck. That is. A TALKING PONY. What the hell is wrong with this place?]

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Good gravy you're a rude one! If y'all don't want a slice, that's fine, but that's no call to yell like that.

Ah'm new in town and thought Ah'd pop over to introduce mahself. The name's Applejack, what's yours?

[That's right, an angry yelling albino isn't going to detour Applejack from meeting the neighbors, and indeed, she doesn't seem the least bit shaken by the display as she stands there waiting for an answer.]

Stage 4

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[Just looking at the pony for a moment as it stands on his porch. After a minute, he just shrugs. He's seen way weirder.]

Yeah alright. Never had pie made by a horse before, so why not.

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Actually, Ah'm a pony, but you're sure as shootin' welcome to a slice if you like!

Ah'm new in town so Ah'm going around to meet the neighbors. The name's Applejack! It's a pleasure to meetcha!

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Stage 2

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... How can a pony make a pie?

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Ah just used the oven in the kitchen. Mah Granny taught me the recipe herself and it's a good one, if Ah do say so mahself! You can have a slice if you'd like.

Ah'm Applejack, by the way, what's your name?

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[Mitsuki isn't one to just answer the door for someone she doesn't know, especially here in Mayfield. You can hear her through the door though]

Who's there?

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[Applejack doesn't mind talking through the door, she's new, so it's understandable if some people are being cautious after all.]

Ah'm Applejack! Ah'm new in town, so Ah thought Ah come visit the neighbors and introduce mahself. And Ah brought some pie if y'all like a slice as well!

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[The person outside sounds so friendly. . . he opens the door, half hoping she's cute.

. . . and then he stares at the pony. Holland starts looking around for the person who was knocking on the door. Because it clearly wasn't this horse. ]

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[Applejack ignores the fact that Holland seems to be looking over her and starts almost immediately into her spiel.]

Howdy there fella! The name's Applejack and Ah'm new here, so Ah thought Ah'd stop by and introduce mahself. Ah also brought some homemade apple pie if you'd like a slice. Made it mahself!

[Applejack gestures to the pies balanced on her back, a not of pride in her voice.]

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(Bugs is lounging by his mailbox.)

Already did da Pie Gag last time, sistah. You'll probably need ta come up with something different.

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Land's sake! A talking rabbit! If Fluttershy was here, she'd just eat you up, Ah'd bet!

But what do you mean by a Pie Gag? Who wouldn't want a slice of some homemade apple pie?

Stage 5 - Action - 838 Hastings Blvd.

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[Edgar's just blinking for a bit. It's... a talking pony. What?]

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Well hi there! The name's Applejack and Ah'm new around these parts, so Ah thought it be nice if Ah went and introduce mahself to the neighbors.

[Applejack gestures to the plates balanced on her back with her head.]

And see if any would like a slice of homemade apple pie.