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Applejack ([personal profile] downtoearthpony) wrote2011-07-17 08:29 pm

02 Apple Fritters | Stage 4? | Backdated to 2 or 3 days after the event started

[With all the supposed fear and panic that the town has tried to recently instill on the residents, such matters actually don't affect a new arrival. Especially one who doesn't watch TV or recieve mail yet. Which is why you'll find someone trotting down the street.

Yes, trotting.

Applejack has decided that if she's stuck here, she might as well be neighborly and introduce herself. So she borrowed her house's kitchen and supplies to make a couple of homemade apple pies. Using years of practice, she keeps them balanced on her back as she moves from house to house, knocking on each door and calling out:]

"Hello? Anypony in there? It's your new neighbor Applejack being friendly and bringing some pie for ya!"

[And no, unless you're a drone who treats her like a dog, or keep her from seeing you in there, she is not leaving until you do answer. Though once answered, she will offer you a nice slice of some delicious smelling apple pie! She'll introduce herself as well, offer to help out if you need it because you're neighbors after all, and she'll also pepper you with questions about the town as she tries to find out more information about Mayfield. She's not being subtle about the questions, but not forceful either, she is genuinely trying to get information in a way she knows how and being sincere in her offers of help and pie.]

((OOC: Applejack is literally going door to door to offer slices of pie and get some answers, as such she's pretty much breathing in massive truth gas. But this is Applejack, who's pretty honest to begin with so it really won't affect her unless she hits Stage 5. So folks who want to respond can just sit back and chat with AJ or try and figure out how to get an orange talking pony off their front porch.))

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