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Part A | Action | In and around 337 Brady Street

[It's early afternoon in Mayfield, and Applejack has been walking around town during the morning, only now just returning to her current residence, and noticing the little red flag on the mailbox sticking up. Always willing to be a helpful mare, she opens it up and carefully pulls the letters out with her teeth before closing it up and putting the flag back down. And, mostly because she's part of the 'family' living there, but also because she's a little curious, she sets down the letters on the sidewalk and sits back on her haunches to get a good look at them.]

Huh, looks like we're suppose to pay bills here. As if this place is just another normal town...

[Of course this does bother Applejack a bit. This means her not!Family at this house have to support her on top of themselves unless she provides some kind of income. And considering how most of the drones merely consider her a dog, finding a way to help pay for things is going to be pretty tricky. Applejack was still lost in thought about this when she noticed a few letters addressed directly to Theo, her house mate. All of which are marked "Homeowner's Association Committee."]

What in tarnation are these for?

[Gathering the letters up in a pile with her hooves, and then picking them up with her teeth again, Applejack decides to head inside and ask Theo about his mail when she stops short.

There's a package on the porch. Simply wrapped in brown packing paper and tied up, it's rather unassuming. She walks on up to take a look at who it's for and is slightly surprised to see it addressed to her. Well, probably for her. It actually says 'Applejack Crawford' for the recipient, but remembering what Rarity said about the package that gave her horn back, it's pretty safe to assume it's meant for her. Setting the letters aside on the porch, she unties the package, removes the paper, and finds....

Her hat. It definitely looks like her old stetson cowboy hat. Sitting down again, she takes the hat up in her forehoofs to take a better look. It looks old and worn, but anypony can age a hat, so it might not actually be hers. At least that's what she thought until she got a closer look. The familiar creases and scratches, dents and tears, were all there. Like a road map of memories she shared with it. Aging is one thing, but it's hard to believe somepony would go to all this trouble to make a replica of every little mark on her hat. Which of course means that it IS her hat, and that conclusion just brings back a flood of homesickness that Applejack was trying so hard to keep at bay. She gives herself a bit, hoping no one notices the tears, before cleaning herself up and putting the hat in it's proper place on her head. The comfortable feeling of it brings a smile to her face and she can't help but comment aloud about it.]

Gotta say Ah'm sure am glad to have this back. Felt rather naked without it.

[And with that, she gathers up the letters and wrapping to take inside to the house.]

Part B | Phone | Sometime later in the day, after Part A

[Applejack has put the phone on the counter to make an unfiltered call to the town in general. Don't ask how she dialed. Her muzzle still smarts. But for those who haven't met her yet, a female voice with an accent that you would think hails from the southwest Missouri Ozarks is speaking.]

Hey y'all, this is Applejack over at 337 Brady Street. So in the mail today there were some bills, and Ah realized it probably would be a good idea Ah did some paid work around here to carry mah own weight. Especially if Ah'm going to be here for awhile.

...So, um, anybody need a helping hand? Ah'm mostly used to doing farm work, but it doesn't look like there's much call for it around here currently. Ah'm pretty strong though, so if you need a workhorse, Ah could probably help out that way. Oh, Ah guess Ah can cook too. Ah usually just make treats and snacks for sale at mah stand, but ah've made a meal or two for my family, so Ah know mah way around a kitchen.

Well, that's all Ah had to say. If'n you have a job for me, or know someone who might be able to use mah help, Ah'd appreciate it if you let me know, thanks!
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[Dawn has passed on Brady Lane, but only by an hour or so when sunlight has reached the newly appeared doghouse in 337's backyard. The doghouse contains an orange colored pony with a yellow mane, quietly snoring, as if unaware what awaits her when she wakes up. Which is actually the minute the sunlight hits her face. She's use to getting up when the rooster crows, after all. Of course when she finishes yawning and rubbing her eyes with her hooves, she's a little shock to see the unfamiliar surroundings.]

What in tarnation? I don't remember falling asleep in the barn last night... Wait, this isn't mah barn. Where in Equestria is this?

[Applejack steps out of the doghouse and looks around to see a strange and unfamiliar landscape around her. She's looking over everything, which isn't actually much what with the backyard fence blocking her view.]

Well, it's definitely not Ponyville... Or any place Ah've seen before. What's with the door there? Doesn't look like it's made for a pony.

[She's referring to the back door of the house of course, and she makes her way to it when she suddenly is jerked to a stop by the rope that has her tied to the dog house.]

Erk! Now who did this? Is this some prank of Dash's and Pinkie Pie's? Hmph, Ah'll be sure to give them a piece of mah mind if it is.

[She walks over to the doghouse and uses her teeth to untie herself from it. She can't really get to the part looped around her neck at the moment, but she'll worry about that later. Now is the time to get some answers. Which is why she walks up to the door with a determined look and knocks on it loudly with her hoof.]


[She pauses and seems to glance up, as if noticing something for the first time before knocking again.]



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