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Player Name: Jordan
Player Journal: [personal profile] akailv
Age: 32
Contact: AIM: akailv
Plurk: [ profile] dori_mingu
e-mail: akailv [at] gmail [dot] com
Characters Played: Previously played MayJ here, currently Fluffle Puff

Name: Applejack
Canon: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
OU/AU/OC: AU (transplant from Mayfield)
Canon Point: Before season two

History: Canon Background before Mayfield. But shortly after the Grand Galloping Gala, Applejack wakes up to find herself in a totally different world.

This would be Mayfield, modeled off a surburban North American town, most humans brought there find themselves stuck in a house without any special powers they had back from where they originally from. Applejack woke up in a dog house. And she was missing her hat. Needless to say, she wasn't happy. But she learned to adapt. She found out that some of her other friends where also in similar situations, and in worse situations as unicorns like Rarity and Twilight were without their magic. So after getting over the initial shock of seeing these 'hue-min' things everywhere, and then learning that Mayfield is some strange free-range prison that punishes you pretty harshly if you cause a big ruckus (or fracas), she decided to try and stick to what she was good at: Helping her friends and family.

And not just her friends from Equestria, Applejack quickly did her best to get to know these strange hue-mins everywhere. The ones that lived in the nearby house she woke up by and the ones elsewhere in town, sometimes with the tried and true methods of various baked apple treats in tow. While a vast number of 'drones' in Mayfield treated her like she was a dog, she tried to take it in stride and be of some help to those around her. She got a job at a bakery, she would cook breakfast for her new 'family' at the house she was staying at, and once she even organized a Sisterhooves Social like event to try and bring a little bit of home and happiness to Mayfield's residents.

It was tough, trying to survive the various 'events' Mayfield threw at everyone, but Applejack kept at it. She helped when she could and tried not to give up on the possibility of someday returning to Equestria. And things got even tougher when Apple Bloom suddenly appeared in Mayfield. Now she not only had to worry about her friends, but her sister was now trapped in the nightmare that was Mayfield. It was almost like the town was trying her; her sister suddenly appearing, her memories being messed with, and even the new 'family' she made all disappearing or being turned into drones. Yet Applejack didn't give up. Maybe it was her stubbornness, maybe she'd just never believe she'd never get to see home again, or maybe she wanted to be a source of strength for her friends and family. Either way, when it was finally revealed that Mayfield was only a virtual simulation and everyone trapped in the town were just digital copies, Applejack didn't let this new bit of info depress her. She had her friends and family to watch over and help after all, so what if she wasn't the real Applejack? She was still just as reliable, honest, and devoted to her friends as the real Applejack, and while she may not see Equestria again, she could be still helpful to those same friends and family in the new virtual town that the survivors of Mayfield found. What can you say, she was set in her ways.

Personality: Honest, reliable, and hard-working. That's Applejack in a nutshell and she doesn't really mind it all.

She's believes in honesty and fairness, almost to a fault as she can be pretty blunt or when she needs to keep a secret (she doesn't have much of a poker face). Because of this though, she is very straightforward and trustworthy, even able to convince Twilight when she was hanging from a cliff that all she had to do was let go and she'd be safe. On the other hoof, she expects that same sort of honesty and fairness from others, and can get pretty ill-tempered when others cheat, like how upset she got at Rainbow Dash during the Iron Pony competition.

She's very hard-working, caring for her family's farm and orchard with only some help from her brother as well as running the business of selling the apples. She does this all so as to provide for her family who she deeply cares about. She's very protective of her younger sister Apple Bloom, and likes to keep an eye on her, knowing how much she can get into trouble. While this may at times leave Apple Bloom feeling overprotected, it does show how caring Applejack is, to the point that even when AJ was shrunk down to the size of a mouse, she still chased after Apple Bloom to "rescue" her.

She is glad people consider her reliable, and is always ready to lend a hoof if she can to her friends, families, and others. But again, she might take this too far and bite off more than she can chew, as shown in one episode where she tries to harvest all the apples in her orchard herself while still helping her friends with small tasks at the same time. This in a way shows the other side of her personality, her pride and stubbornness. She was working herself to death, exhausted, and falling asleep standing up, and yet she still wouldn't accept help until the very end. This isn't the only time her pride and stubbornness have caused trouble though, as when she was trying to negotiate between the Buffalo and Settler ponies of Appleloosa, she escalated the tension because she felt they were "right."

Applejack's trials in Mayfield taught her just how much friends and family need to stick together during times of trouble. She also learned that sometimes stubbornness provides a type of inner strength that helps keep you going even when all hope seems lost. Mayfield may have tested her limits at times, but she endured and survived, because sometimes that was the only option worth striving for.

All in all, Applejack is a strong, honest friend who's toughest critic might be herself. She's confident in her abilities and proud of the way she does things. And while at times these beliefs might cause her trouble, she is always first to realize her mistakes and apologize or make amends for it. As such, this gives her a more mature, older sister personality to other ponies, which she is happy to be.

Strengths: Applejack is a farm pony through and through, and complements her natural Earth pony abilities. Managing and harvesting farm crops and apple trees aren't her only skills though. A basic business sense allows her to sell the surplus or provide food for events as an added income for her family. And of course there's her athleticism, roping, and herding abilities that mark her a tough competitor in any rodeo.

Weaknesses: As mentioned before, Applejack can be quite stubborn and sometimes it takes a lot for her to change her mind when she's set in her ways. Lots of times these ways can be direct and physical, which might not be hard for her to handle, but might not always be the best way to do things. Also, as the Element of Honesty, she is rather terrible at lying. While she might be able to deflect or stall an answer, if she's put on the spot or asked point blank, she has trouble creating even a convincing white lie.

Possessions: Her stetson hat, obviously.
Pony/Animal Type: Earth
Cutie Mark: Three apples
Pony Picture: Who says Applejack isn't best pony? Because that just isn't nice.

First Person:
Ah'm not too sure what to say or how Ah even got here to be honest. And if anything, Ah try to be honest. But Ah can pass on something Ah learned from being in that Mayfield place to all these new ponies showing up and saying they're hue-mins or whatever.

See, once long ago, Ah was too stubborn for mah own good. Still am at times, actually. And Ah use to think that was probably something Ah need to work on, that it was something pretty bad. And sure, it's not always good to be stubborn, but it's not always a bad thing either. Sticking to your beliefs is being stubborn for example. Standing your ground is another way of being stubborn too. And in a crazy place like that Mayfield, being stubborn was probably the best thing for me. That place seemed like it was designed to wear down your hope. Make you think that things aren't going to ever get better. Well, it didn't stop me from hoping, and now here Ah am somehow.

The point Ah'm trying to make Ah guess is that all you new people shouldn't give up hope. Things might be strange now, but sooner or later it'll get sorted out, and there's ponies out here who are willing to listen and help get you back where you need to be. So you need anything, just let me know, and Ah'll see what Ah can do.

Third Person:
[Waking up before the sun rises is part of Applejack's usually routine, something she kept at even when she was in Mayfield. Since arriving at the new town, it was even easier to keep up old habits, what with being able to make a small area a pretty exact copy of Sweet Apple Acres. This is why when she wakes up today, she doesn't immediately notice anything different. It's still the same surroundings she had set up already, after all.

But the minute she stepped outside, she knew something was up. First of all, the air just smelled different. And the ground felt different as well. Not the created facsimile she's been use to working on, but just like the ground back ho- Wait, it couldn't be, could it?

With that sudden thought, Applejack takes off down the path that winds its way through the farm. Towards the town. Towards Ponyville. And sure enough, after a bit of galloping, she can see the town in the distance. Bringing herself to a full stop, she just stares at the sight before her, the sun rising and illuminating the familiar town. Finally it sinks in and she just sits down in the middle of the road with a strained chuckle.]

"Well Ah'll be..."

[That's all she can really say. She has no idea what's going on, and probably should start finding things out, but right now, she's going to enjoy being back in Ponyville. In Equestria. Her home.]


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