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Part A (Night before Dec. 17th) | Action | In Applejack's mind
Shhh! Applejack's dreaming! )
Part B (Morning of the 17th) | Phone | 337 Brady Lane

Listen everypo-er body. Ah had a pretty strange dream last night, and Ah have a feeling Ah wasn't the only one.

Whatever it was, whatever you saw, don't believe a lick of it. Nothing is worth giving up your life over, especially when it was probably showing tricks and lies to ya. If this town wants to get rid of us, then it can just send us home, none of this 'things would be better if you didn't exist' stuff is necessary unless someone's just trying to mess with us.

So Ah guess what Ah'm trying to say is hang in there, alright?

Part C (forwarded dated to Friday, Dec. 23rd) | Action | 337 Brady Lane
For the housemates... )
Part D (forwarded dated to Friday, Dec. 23rd) | Action | Around town

[Applejack is out and about, running some errands. At least, it sort of looks like Applejack. But she's not wearing her hat. In fact, she's wearing a somewhat stylish winter fur stole and her mane in a completely different way then normal. As well as makeup, for those who take a closer look. As she walks by, you can hear her speak up...]

Oh, pardon me there, sir. My apologies, I didn't see you there.


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